Thursday, June 25, 2015

These nails...

One of my dearest friends recently hosted one of those Jamberry nail parties online. You know... the ones you keep getting a ton of request to join? Well, being the great friend that I am, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I'm not usually one to spend that much time on my nails, but I do like them painted. I purchased a set of wicked cute nail sticker-nails and was in luck because I won a mini-heater which made it a lot easier. My experience may have had a hiccup but it was because I accidentally ordered the junior size which of course, was my bad.
Anyway... I've had them on for a few weeks and am actually impressed. So far, with my super cute nails, I've: split wood, worked in the garden, moved a bunch of rocks, worked with horses, mowed the lawn, washed the dog, scrubbed the shower, worked a little on my truck and did my usual chores. 
They're not doing too bad. I may actually try them again! 
Here's a picture. Don't mind the grubbiness. I was working outside and plus, it's real.  And remember, they've been on for a couple weeks. 

Guess I may have to try them again. If you decide to jump on the bandwagon, try the Baggie trick. It's the balls. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bite me!

Oh my gosh... To say that the black flies were bad this year is a gross understatement! I don't know about you, but up on this mountain, we couldn't go outside without one of those super-fashionable bug nets. (Speaking of bug fashion... If you know of any cool bug nets, let us know!) Now it's on to horsefly and mosquito season. Hooray! Not. 

I have a sugar addiction of which I don't deny. My boyfriend always tells me that's why the bugs love me so much. Well, now there is an article saying it's our DNA!! Holy cow! One more thing we can blame on our parents... ;) Kidding!! 

Check it out: 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maine - opening day and it's raining.

I'm ok with sitting under a blanket for a little bit before I head back into the woods. I, like many other Maine residents, ventured out early this morning for the opening of deer season. I got an anydeer permit so I'm even more excited! But I see why I need better rain gear. I found an ok spot out of the rain but I ended up freezing! I did a little research about hunting in the rain. It's in the hunters favor for obvious reasons, like the rain hiding your noise. Deer don't mind if it's lightly raining and they are more lax. Less paranoid of danger. I know that I continuously think I hear something walking around when there are rain drops. I bet the deer get sick of thinking everything is a threat coming along so they block it out. I really want a tree house on the game trail. Wouldn't that be great!?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Just a few quick reminders before you set off on your hunt!

Have a partner. You don't have to be side by side at all times but you need to have a way of communicating with each other. 

Tell a friend or family member when you are going and when you are coming back. They should also know where you are going..

Don't shoot anything you cannot positively identify as the game you are hunting. 

I gotta pee!

If you haven't had a chance to read them yet, check out our series of FUDs (yup, "female urinary device").
These super helpful innovations allow us to go in the woods without practically undressing.  Heard of a Shenis? Neither had we! 
Think about those times when it's freezing and you have a snowsuit on.... Ahh snow. I can't wait! Snowmobiling, sledding, ice fishing... Shoot. What was I saying? Oh ya! Did you know that sells the Go Girl? Check it out! Click right on it. You know you wanna shop!